• Fiber Cable 200ft

The new Ubiquiti FiberCable FC-SM-200 is designed to help you build your outdoor fiber network. FiberCable is lightweight and flexible making it perfect for tower deployments using the Ubiquiti Edgepoint. The FC-SM-200 comes in 200ft (60.9m) lengths.

Specifications and Features:

  • Outdoor-Rated Jacket with Ripcord
  • Integrated Weatherproof Tape
  • Kevlar Yarn for Added Tensile Strength
  • Outer Diameter of Cable: 6.0 � 0.2 mm
  • Six-Strand Single-Mode (G.657.A2)
  • Outer Diameter of Fiber Strand: 0.25 mm Nominal
  • Insertion Loss for 1310nm: <0.5dB/km
  • Insertion Loss for 1550nm: <0.5dB/km

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Fiber Cable 200ft

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